The best of centralized & decentralized trading

The hybrid crypto exchange to place orders in a single unified, global order book, including liquidity from leading CEXs and AMMs, with zero taker fees.

Predictable AMM liquidity


DEcentralized wallet Security

LP & Trader Incentives aligned

Low trading Fees

Global price discovery and liquidity

High-throughput CLOB Driven Marketplace

Trader Identification Privacy

Zero Taker Fees

Global price discovery and liquidity

Properly Incentivised Liquidity

Secure And Compliant

Why Apifiny HEX

We are designed to deliver the best of both worlds (decentralized and centralized exchanges, DEX / CEX) so that institutions can overcome the limitations that DEX involves:

  • High transaction fees, including gas fees
  • Price slippage in Automated Market Making (AMM)
  • Lack of robust compliance policies
Dex Amm

The best of decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

We harness the benefits of a permissionless solution for peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions.


The best of centralized exchanges (CEXs)

While aiming to provide the efficiency, price discovery, liquidity and compliance standards of centralization.

Apifiny HEX

Product features.

  • Zero taker fees

    HEX offers transparent pricing with zero taker fees and zero gas fees.

  • Hybrid liquidity in one unified order book

    HEX sources additional liquidity from CEXs as a liquidity ‘surge protector’ for global price discovery within a unified order book, including liquidity from both AMM and CEXs.

  • Anyone can become a liquidity provider

    Traders pay lower fees and Liquidity Providers (LPs) are paid a higher share of fees for providing liquidity.

  • Compliance and security

    HEX requires KYC for all traders and LPs, so you can be assured your trades are compliant.

  • Performance

    High-performance matching and instant fulfillment on orders.