Access unified crypto markets with one account

The crypto trading platform for institutional traders. Trade directly on over 20+ centralized exchanges globally, with ONE account, ONE set of APIs, and ONE onboarding process.

Apifiny Connect removes
these complexities.

Creating unified access to
crypto markets with one account.

Apifiny connect

Why Apifiny connect?

Why Apifiny Connect

Fragmented liquidity

  • Top 7 US exchanges only contributes less than 20% of global BTC spot trading
  • Institutions must adopt effective global / multi-exchange strategies to access liquidity
Why Apifiny Connect

Multi-exchange operational inefficiencies.

  • Onboarding with every crypto exchange is expensive and time consuming
  • Each exchange has different API requirements
Apifiny Connect

Product features.

  • One Account, Global Execution

    Open a single account in minutes for direct access to 20+ order books. One onboarding. One deposit.

  • Fast, Convenient Transfers

    Transfer between sub-accounts without having to maintain reserves on multiple platforms. Supports instant transfers on select exchanges, and secured transfers via Fireblocks.

  • Transparent, Low Fees

    No hidden trading and deposit fees.

  • Best Price Execution

    Global price discovery and Smart Order Routing (SOR) to automate and route orders for best price execution.

  • Spot & Futures Trading

    Trading is available in spot and perpetual futures* for risk management.

    *Available with Binance. Futures trading is available to non-U.S persons only. 

Apifiny Connect


Market Data

Market Data

High performance on data access.


Colocated with a growing list of leading exchanges. No additional fees for colocated exchanges.
Real-time feed

Real-time feed

Includes order book, best bid & offer, trade, and ticker data.
Simple, Robust APIs

Simple, Robust APIs

Supports RESTful, Websocket and FIX API. Transfer, rebalance and execute cross-exchange transfers with one set of APIs, saving time and costs.