Nasdaq, Morgan Stanley Trading Vets Build Startup to Unite Crypto Market Price Ranges


February 14, 2020

Coindesk reported on the notable Wall Street-proven execs powering Apifiny, and the impending launch of our ExOne platform, which provides deeper global liquidity to exchanges.  

Danny Nelson, news reporter for Coindesk, introduced readers to the highly experienced Apifiny leadership team stated: 

“A group of trading vets from Nasdaq, Visa and Morgan Stanley say they’ve built a digital asset liquidity solution for the world’s disparate cryptocurrency markets. 

After 18 months of development, their project, Apifiny, revealed a platform Wednesday targeting exchanges hampered by low liquidity: ExOne. It is an emerging finances back-end tool tied to technological advances in traditional markets, which, despite their off-chain standing, have myriad advantages over crypto exchanges.”

Additional article highlights:

  • The importance of addressing bid discrepancies across cryptocurrency marketplaces
  • The executive team of Apifiny’s ExOne, including CTO Ashu Swami, former VP of Program trading at Morgan Stanley, and Head of Product Connie Wong, former Design Lead at Kraken
  • How ExOne intends to generate a consolidated quote across digital asset marketplaces with its “global best bid and offer,” inspired by the SEC-mandated “national best bid and offer.”
  • The precedence for ExOne’s utility in traditional markets.


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