Apifiny Announces World’s First Perpetual, Standardized Hashrate Token, BTCHV, to Allow Anyone to Profit from Bitcoin Mining

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Investors Can Earn Consistent, Daily Bitcoin Rewards by Staking BTCHV, the First Bitcoin Perpetual Standardized Hash Rate Token

NEW YORK, NY — April 22, 2021 — Hash Hive, a wholly owned subsidiary of the global digital asset trading network Apifiny, today announced it will launch the Hash Hive Standard Hashrate Token (BTCHV), the first perpetual, compliant, and standardized token collateralized by Bitcoin hash rate. Hash Hive standardizes the Bitcoin hash rate and allows investors to buy and stake BTCHV for daily Bitcoin rewards based on the amount of mining power staked.  Each BTCHV is collateralized with 0.01 TH/s of Bitcoin mining power. 

Interest in investing in Bitcoin mining has increased during the past year. From April 8, 2020 to April 6, 2021, Bitcoin’s network hash rate (trailing 30 days) has increased over 55% while the price of bitcoin increased over 650%. With both the price surge and ‘fear of missing out’ further driving price appreciation, more people from outside the crypto world have started to ask, “how can I start my own Bitcoin mine or invest in one” as a means to lock in a steady stream of Bitcoin rewards while the price increases. However, options are limited and far from ideal.

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Unlike other approaches that tokenize mining machines, Hash Hive tokenizes the Bitcoin hash rate itself. This adds greater liquidity, provides investors with better returns on Bitcoin compared to any other mining-related investment and allows them to quickly enter and exit exposure to Bitcoin mining at any time. Investing and staking BTCHV is similar to buying hens that produce eggs, where BTCHV is the hen and Bitcoins are the eggs, providing a more efficient and less risky way to benefit from exposure to global Bitcoin mining.

A perpetual, standardized, and compliant hashrate token like BTCHV can quickly expand the Bitcoin ecosystem, not only helping professionals miners to hedge risk, but also inviting everyday investors to own highly liquid shares in the mining business. (See below for qualifying investors). In addition, BTCHV aims to be the basis for bitcoin mining financial products, including an investment product that asset management companies can include in their clients’ portfolios. 

“Much like standardized units allow energy to be publicly traded, we are standardizing the Bitcoin hash rate,” said Haohan Xu, chief executive officer of Apifiny. “We’re essentially building a bridge between Bitcoin mining and public investors, allowing anyone to profit from Bitcoin mining in a more efficient way.” 

BTCHV is the first perpetual standard hashrate token, meaning that the hashrate is guaranteed in perpetuity. Others tokenize mining machines, whose value will depreciate without guaranteeing the hashrate and often have lengthy lockup periods. In contrast, BTCHV is guaranteed and perpetual in both words and actions. BTCHV tokens are backed by a trusted platform:

  • Custody in compliant, 3rd party Trust — ensures asset safety with enterprise-grade security 
  • 3rd party Audit  regular auditing ensures accuracy of hash rate and BTC rewards
  • Minimum 20% Reserve — ensures the token can still be anchored with the full hash rate even if some machines  are offline due to a power outage or equipment malfunction
  • Distributed Custody  Miners are placed in self-owned or trustworthy mining farms in different locations to mitigate outage risk 
  • 100% Ownership of BTCHV mining machines — no franchise or leased mining model 
  • Stable Regulation — machines in locations with stable regulatory environments ensures  machines are much less likely to be shut down.

(data source: Ycharts)

Each BTCHV is collateralized with 0.01 (TH/s) of Bitcoin mining hashrate. For example, Bitcoin’s network-wide hashrate on March 15th 2021 was 156.27 EH/s (source: Ycharts) and even without miner’s fee revenue, the earning per BTCHV for that day was (0.01 TH/s ➗ 156.27 EH/s) x 900 BTC, which represents the amount of BTC each BTCHV can mine on that day. The fluctuation depends on the total hashrate contributed by miners across the entire network that day. A portion of the bitcoins mined will be sold to cover energy and operating costs before the BTCHV distribution.

In the U.S., the BTCHV token will be available only to accredited investors on Apifiny.com. Outside the U.S., BTCHV will be available for retail (non-accredited) and accredited investors and open for trading on major exchanges.  BTCHV plans to go live this month.


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About Apifiny and Hash Hive 

Hash Hive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apifiny, is focused on building Bitcoin hash rate products.  Apifiny is a leading, global digital asset trading network. Apifiny unifies fragmented global trading marketplaces to provide professional traders and digital asset exchanges with simpler, faster, and more cost-effective, global trading and liquidity solutions. The company connects centralized financial institutions with decentralized networks to reimagine the global liquidity and trading value chains. Apifiny’s trading network enables professional traders to execute global, multi-exchange strategies, access deep global liquidity, superior price discovery, normalized market data, tighter spreads, and higher fill rates and capital utilization. 

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The world’s first perpetual, standardized, audited Bitcoin hashrate token.  Daily Bitcoin rewards are held in trust, with operations backed by wholly owned mining operations.