Hybrid Exchange (HEX)

The very best of centralized and decentralized trading

Zero taker fees, global price discovery, and liquidity driven by AMM and 25+ centralized exchanges

HEX Fundamentally Changes the Game for Serious Traders

HEX is designed to combine the efficiency, price discovery, liquidity and compliance of centralized exchange (CEX) trading, with the predictable liquidity, decentralized wallet security, and transparency of decentralized exchange (DEX) trading.

Hybrid Crypto Exchange | DEX and CEX Hybrid
Crypto Trading Platform for Quant and Algo Traders

Zero Taker Fees

Decentralized Exchanges’ fees are generally considered to be high, especially when gas fees are included.

HEX efficiency helps lower fees

HEX Trading: No taker fees and no gas fees

HEX VIP Early Access:

  • Zero maker and taker fees during early access period
  • Participants can gain eligibility for no maker or taker fees for life (see VIP page)

Global Price Discovery

Decentralized and centralized Exchanges provide price discovery only within the confines of their disconnected markets.

HEX enables truly global price discovery with a unified order book sourced from over 25 exchanges and from Automated Market Making (AMM).

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Predictable and Reliable Liquidity

Automated Market Making (AMM) is designed to provides deep and predictable liquidity — even if no counterparty exists. 

But the AMM model has limitations. In particular, large trades can cause greater slippage.

HEX is designed to solve this by sourcing additional liquidity from 25+ exchanges that together capture a majority of global spot trading— serving as a liquidity ‘surge protector’. 

Compliance and Security

Leading Centralized Exchanges have robust KYC and AML compliance procedures. At the same time, compared to decentralized wallets they are more vulnerable to hacks.

Decentralized Exchanges lack robust compliance. KYC/AML policies do not exist in DEXs, keeping institutions on the sidelines. However, decentralized wallets offer greater asset security and control for traders.

HEX requires KYC for all traders and LPs

Liquidity providers and traders must pass KYC, so you can be certain your trades are compliant.

HEX Traders will be able to trade using a Decentralized Wallet

Quant Trader Global Execution

HEX Aligns the Incentives of Traders and Liquidity Providers

Decentralized exchanges typically pay share all or most trading fees with liquidity providers (LPs), aligning the interests of LPs with traders.

Centralized exchanges source liquidity through market makers and generally pass along a smaller share of fees.


With HEX, everybody wins.

Traders pay lower fees and LPs are paid a higher share of fees for providing liquidity. Most importantly, 0 gas fees for everyone.

HEX Unified Order Book

Apifiny HEX Crypto Trading No Taker Fees

One unified order book captures liquidity from 25+ exchanges, AMM, and HEX traders.

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