Apifiny™ HEX VIP Early Access Program

Be part of the first group of HEX traders, get exclusive perks, and help influence the product roadmap for the world’s first Hybrid Exchange (HEX).

Apifiny HEX Crypto Trading No Taker Fees

HEX Overview

Apifiny’s Hybrid Exchange (HEX) is the first of its kind, designed to combine the best qualities of centralized (CEX) and decentralized exchange (DEX) trading.

HEX Advantages

Zero taker fees

Zero gas fees

Global price discovery across 25+ centralized exchanges on 6 continents

Deep, Predictability Liquidity Sourced from Both AMM and from 25+ Exchanges on 6 Continents

Institutional Security and compliance

HEX VIP Early Access Program

We are seeking active traders and early adopters who are excited by the opportunity to shape the future of crypto trading.  Find out how to qualify for no maker and taker fees for life (see eligibility requirements below).

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Why Join the HEX VIP Early Access Program?

  1. Zero HEX maker and zero taker fees until 11/30/21 
  2. Zero HEX maker and taker fees for life for eligible participants
  3. Early access to new-to-the-world features 
  4. Opportunity to shape the innovation roadmap for HEX

Why HEX? The Best of Both Worlds

HEX is designed with zero taker fees, global price discovery and liquidity from 25+ venues, and predictable AMM liquidity, all accessible via one unified order book. 
Hex combines the security and transparency of decentralized wallet trading with the compliance of centralized exchanges.

Eligibility Requirements for HEX ‘No Maker & Taker Fees For Life’

Participants must meet the following ongoing criterial:

  • Domiciled in region for which Apifiny can accept clients
  • Participant (ultimate beneficial owner) is over the age of 18 or a legal entity with full capacity to execute Apifiny’s user agreement 
  • Individual or Entity maintains  an approved registered account with Apifiny HEX 
  • Individual or Entity remains compliant with all anti-money laundering and other Apifiny account policies and procedures
  • Trading volume greater than $10,000 between 8/19/21 and  9/30/21
    • Includes HEX order book trades only
    • Direct access trades (via Apifiny Connect) do not count towards minimum
  1. Apifiny reserves the right to change the “No Trading Fees for Life” eligibility date (9/30/21) or close the program to new members at any time.
  2. Free trading for life applies only to HEX trading via the HEX order book
  3. Free trading does not apply to direct access trades (i.e., Apifiny Connect)

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