Hash Hive
Standard Hashrate Token (BTCHV)

The world’s first perpetual, standardized, audited Bitcoin hashrate token.  Daily Bitcoin rewards are held in trust, with operations backed by wholly owned mining operations.

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Hash Hive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apifiny, works extensively with global mining farms to distribute miners for hosting and create the first globally distributed Bitcoin hashrate network.

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  • Raymond Walintukan, COO of Hash Hive, A Subsidiary of Apifiny
  • Faye Zheng, Chief of Staff and VP of Strategy and Operations
  • Eric Doyle, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Ao Zhou, Business Development
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Add More Bitcoin to Your Portfolio Every Day with BTCHV

BTCHV¹ enables investors to add Bitcoin to portfolios every day by staking standardized mining power, Bitcoin hashrate, measured in Terahash per second (TH/s). 

Owning BTCHV is the equivalent of owning stock in BTC that pays daily dividends in BTC, generated by staking a standardized unit of mining power — 0.01 TH/s.

  • Stake BTCHV Token, staking bitcoin hashrate to earn Bitcoin 
  • Earn² More Bitcoin with every block mined
  • Claim² Bitcoin mined every hour based on standard bitcoin hash rate

1. BTCHV is available only to U.S. Accredited Investors and Non-U.S. Retail and Accredited investors.

2. Approximately 20% of mined Bitcoin will be used to pay electricity expenses. Rewards are net of electricity costs.

Features & Benefits


Token holders own a standard, tradable stake in mining power: 0.01 TH/s per BTCHV. This btc hash rate is the standard for S17 Pro model machines and above.


Hash Hive maintains and upgrades machines regularly to ensure 0.01 TH/s bitcoin hashrate.

Others in the space provide a stake in specific machines, which degrades in hash power over time.


Mining operations are in crypto-friendly countries, including the United States and Canada where policies are stable, mining-friendly and have lower electricity costs and/or electricity sources with low carbon footprints (e.g., wind farms).

Others are located in countries that can shut down mining with little notice.

Vertically Integrated

Hash Hive is the only bitcoin hashrate token backed by its own mining operations.

Others use token proceeds to purchase hashrate power from miners, whose quality and reliability may vary.

Trust and Audits

BTCHV is collateralized by standardized bitcoin mining power (0.01 TH/s), with daily rewards held in a 3rd party trust, with operations audited quarterly.

Others are not audited and do not hold bitcoin hashing power in trust.

Safety and Redundancy

BTCHV maintains a 20% bitcoin hashrate reserve, ensuring service interruptions do not affect guaranteed hash rate.
No location provides more than 10% of daily btc hash rate. Even with 2 sites down BTCHV can meet its daily commitments.

Others do not hold reserves or guarantee geographic redundancy.

Highly Liquid

BTCHV is a standardized, tradable token that can be staked for 0.01 TH/s BTC mining power with no lockup periods.

Others have lockup periods ranging from 90 days to 3 years.

Business Analogies

Owning BTCHV is like owning ‘standardized’ amounts of chicken feed for a hen house selling eggs or standardized units of electricity for a car factory. All of the hens (Mining Operations) receive the same amount of food (hashrate 0.01 TH/s). But despite all hens eating the same food, some days they lay more eggs than other days. The same is true for the car factory. And for BTCHV.

Hash Hive guarantees the mining power and the health of the mining facilities. We keep our “hens” young and healthy!

Bitcoin Eggs Cars
Production Inputs


Chicken Feed (Kg)

Electricity (KWh)

Manufacturing Plant
Bitcoin Mining Facilities
Car Factories
Outputs Earned

How to Earn Daily Bitcoin Rewards


Buy BTCHV token

Tokens will be available soon on Apifiny GBBO and other leading global digital asset trading platforms.

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Stake BTCHV to mine with standard hashrate

Hash Hive mines BTC on your behalf using a Standard Bitcoin Hash Rate of 0.01 TH/s per token.

Bitcoin Hashrate | BTC Hash Rate

Claim newly mined BTC

Each token holder claims mined BTC daily.

Why Add a Bitcoin Mining Stake to Your Portfolio?

BTCHV delivers BTC to your portfolio daily, regardless of price changes. 

In the US, institutional adoption of Bitcoin is underway, and major banks are starting to recommend that portfolios include Bitcoin. You can accumulate bitcoin via direct trades (i.e., buying eggs at ever-increasing prices) or you can generate ongoing, daily Bitcoin returns by staking BTCHV tokens (i.e. bitcoin hens).

What Banks Are Saying About Adding BTC to Portfolios

Bitcoin Hashrate | BTC Hash Rate

Perpetual Bitcoin Portfolio Growth

Instead of buying Bitcoin directly, BTCHV provides perpetual accumulation of Bitcoin —  a daily income stream of Bitcoin, or the equivalent of Bitcoin dividends.

BTCHV is the answer to Warren Buffett’s criticism that Bitcoin does not generate profits or dividends like a company does. BTCHV does just that — delivers a perpetual stream of daily Bitcoin rewards.

  • Own a future stream of Bitcoin mining outputs from standard hashrate inputs.
  • As BTC prices increase, so does the value of future mined BTC.
  • Purchase or sell the bitcoin hashrate tokens at any time.

The Math

Hash Hive Standard Hashrate Token (BTCHV) behaves like a form of Bitcoin’s equity — hash rate is like the “Bitcoin Mother” that generates “baby” Bitcoins.

Every day, 900³ Bitcoin are minted and released to miners. 

Each earns a share of the 900 based on their  share of total network hashrate contributed.

3. Prior to May 2020, daily rewards were 1,800. In 2024, daily miner rewards will be reduced to 450 per day.

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