GBBO™: Global Best Bid and Offer

Discover the best attainable¹ prices on digital assets and enjoy superior trade execution.

1. Subject to regulatory requirements.

One World. One Market. One Book.

While cryptocurrency is global, prices are not:  Thousands of  isolated exchanges around the world are independent ‘trading lakes,’ each with its own supply, demand, and spot price.

To trade globally, institutional traders have to open accounts with a multitude of exchanges globally, each with its own onboarding, and then manage API connectivity with each. The technical headaches of maintaining increases as each evolves.

Apifiny’s proprietary GBBO™ technology solves this problem by connecting¹ these disjointed, local exchanges into unified global liquidity pools, with prices normalized in local currency net of FX fees, to discover the best attainable* prices on digital assets. One World. One Market. One Book.

OTC desks, brokers and other high-frequency traders enjoy superior trade execution with GBBO™.

1. Subject to regulatory requirements.

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Why the World Needs GBBO™

Why trade with only 3% of the market when you can trade across 4 continents via one platform?

Why open accounts and endure onboarding with a multitude of exchanges when you can trade globally via a single platform?

And why manage multiple APIs when 1 API can access a global digital asset trading network? For less!

Enter GBBO™

GBBO™ gives access to unprecedented  price discovery and liquidity and normalizes global pricing data net of FX and fees, so traders can easily evaluate and execute global trading opportunities.

GBBO™ Advantages

One Onboarding

Open one account, with one onboarding process, and trade globally. Reduce legal expenses from multiple onboarding processes.

Best Global Prices

GBBO™ discovers the best attainable prices from its entire global network using smart order routing and matching engine technology.

Zero Taker Fee

Pricing is "what you see is what you get." GBBOT™ normalizes market data, presenting prices in USD, regardless of trading market.

Cross-currency Conversion

Trade globally without foreign banks or FX management. High-speed, cross-currency conversion against multiple fiats increases the number of available trading pairs with no additional FX fees.

One Account.

One API. Global Access. Streamline operations, managing one API, GBBO™’s next generation FIX API, instead of many.


Apifiny’s FIX API achieves up to 5,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS), and our Market Data Feed updates every 10ms to 100ms

Connected Exchanges

bittrex api
Kucoin API for colocation
okex api | okex colocation for quant traders
Upbit API | Global Crypto Trade Execution


GBBO™’s API uses institutional-grade FIX API technology to give Apifiny partners the single most important advantage in competitive trading: SPEED.

Clients who use GBBO™

Professional Traders

OTC Desks


Market Makers

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