Market Making for Digital Asset Exchanges

Apifiny ExOne™ Plus is an advanced market making solution, providing customizable, deep, and organic liquidity for digital asset exchanges.

ExOne™ Plus Advantages

Apifiny’s market making platform is powered by ExOne™ technology, accessing* the liquidity pools of over 30 leading global digital asset exchanges while executing with blazing fast speed.

* Subject to regulatory requirements

Organic Liquidity

Our unique approach, leveraging cross- and intra-exchange price discovery, provides superior liquidity without relying on any single hedging platform.

Less Slippage

Our platform generates order book depth to increase liquidity and reduce slippage on large orders.

Tighter Spreads & More Depth

Apifiny’s order book market depth and tight spreads enable orders to be fulfilled with ease. Also, connecting to many smaller local exchanges creates non-toxic order flow.

Robust Technology

ExOne™ provides the single most important advantage in competitive trading: SPEED.

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Global Services

Access* Global Liquidity Pools

ExOne™ Plus Market Making services are available globally, providing liquidity for 6 cryptocurrencies.

Our Clients enjoy the benefits of Apifiny’s marketplace of exchanges, ExOne™ technology, and proprietary algorithms to gain access* to greater liquidity, tighter spreads, and less slippage for their customers.

*Subject to regulatory requirements

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