Access* deeper, global liquidity with Apifiny’s ExOne™ API. Jumpstart trading volume and fill large orders with ease. Plus, enjoy spectacular speed with no transaction fees. 

*Subject to regulatory requirements

ExOne™ Advantages

Deeper Global Liquidity

Apifiny creates a consolidated global order book across exchange nodes in its network. ExOne™ provides access* to many of the world's leading exchanges.

Free Access, No Transaction Fees

Access* to Apifiny’s liquidity is free.

There are no taker fees or maker rebates.

High Fill Rates

Apifiny’s order book market depth and tight spreads enable orders to be fulfilled with ease. By connecting to many small local exchanges we create non-toxic order flow.

Superior Speed

ExOne™ provides the single most important advantage in competitive trading: SPEED.

Industry Average

TPS up to 500

GBBO™’s next generation FIX API propels TPS up to 500, 10x the industry standard. Combined with ExOne™’s institution-grade matching engine capable of handling 30,000 orders per symbol, order execution is smoother than ever.

Market Data Feed

For traders with the right technology, ExOne™ is able to provide superior market data feed speed within the range of 10-100ms, allowing traders to query a unified order book from all of Apifiny’s connected nodes.

Coming Soon

In-house Colocation to Minimize Latency

Parse responses and send instructions at high speed by hosting your algorithm on the ExOne™ servers. Reduce latency on all communications between your algorithms and the market.
If ExOne™ isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, check out our GBBO™ API which provides best attainable global pricing at low fees.