Apifiny for Exchanges — Attract Institutional Traders

Access* our network to offer your clients deeper global liquidity, higher fill rates, less price slippage, and superior price execution.

*Subject to regulatory requirements

Achieve More Together Than Alone

Connected Exchanges Share Global Liquidity and attract more institutional traders with:

  • Deep global liquidity
  • Normalized market data
  • Global price discovery
  • Higher fill rates
  • Higher capital utilization
  • Instant Settlement for cross-exchange transfers
All with no additional commissions or fees for joining the network
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Advantages For Exchanges

Deeper Global Liquidity

Access* many of the deepest global liquidity pools to facilitate large volume trades with ease. Apifiny provides access to many of the world’s leading exchanges.

Better Asset Pricing

Get higher sell and lower buy pricing through smart order routing and a high-speed matching engine.

Commission Free Trading

No trading or transaction fees.

High-Speed Trading Engine & SOR

Benefit from a proprietary order matching & smart order router (SOR) designed to target a 100% fill rate.

High-Quality Assets

Integrate streamlined, compliant and region-specific AML & KYC protocols.

Easy Customer Onboarding

Integrate streamlined, compliant AML & KYC protocols. Apifiny adheres to the strictest global standards.

*Subject to regulatory requirements

products for connected exchanges

ExOne™ API

Your traders will get free access* to deep, global liquidity to jumpstart trading volume and fill large orders with ease. Plus, no transaction fees and spectacular speed.


Get all the advantages of Apifiny’s Global Best Bid and Offer, in your own local currency, with easy-to-install code.

Apifiny Market Data

One API to access* the global crypto market: Get connectivity and access to market data from more than 20 leading, global exchanges.

ExOne™ Plus

An advanced market making solution that provides customizable, deep and organic liquidity for digital asset exchanges .

*Subject to regulatory requirements