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Central Bank Digital Currency | Blockchain CBDC

Why Blockchain is the Best Option to Create a CBDC

Blockchain can provide the transparency (both identities and pricing), speed, security, cost savings and global settlement capabilities that are critical to the success of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

OCC - Banks Custody Crypto

U.S. Banks and Crypto Custody: A Five-Step Guide for Starting Services

The OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) surprised the world of finance in late July with new guidance: nationally chartered U.S. banks have the green light to provide cryptocurrency custody.

Banks need to know what they’re getting into before they get on board with digital asset custody.

Digital Asset Trading for Institutional Traders
Digital Asset Exchanges

How Crypto Exchanges Can Entice Institutional Traders Today

Digital asset exchanges operate independently from each other, causing market fragmentation that creates friction in trade execution for institutional traders. Digital asset exchanges that can quickly adapt their offerings to institutional traders’ requirements will be well-positioned to attract them.


The July 2020 Apifiny Newsletter: ROXE Launch, a PYMNTS Appearance, and More

Apifiny’s July 2020 newsletter puts the company’s many updates in one place. News included Finance Magnates coverage on the launch of our Roxe Instant Global Settlement Network, an in-depth feature from PYMNTS interviewing Apifiny CEO Haohan Xu on a paradigm shift for cross-border payments, adding former SWIFT and DTCC exec Thomas Trepanier, and much more.

Blockchain and Global Clearing and Settlement for Banks

Easing Banks Into A Cross-Border Payments Paradigm Shift recently reported on easing banks into a cross-border payments paradigm shift, based largely on its interview with Apifiny CEO, Haohan Xu. Learn about the inherent friction in today’s model and how Apifiny’s Roxe can be a game changer for banks.

Crypto and Covid - BitCoin (BTCO) as a Safe Haven

Cryptocurrency and COVID-19: Bitcoin’s Path to a Safe Haven

Apifiny’s Head of Institutional Sales in Europe, Arthur Wiseberg, contributed an insightful op-ed article to Cointelegraph, stating his perspective on why Bitcoin may provide some of the best solutions to drive a new economy in the post-COVID-19 world.

Apifiny Launches Roxe Instant Settlement Network

Roxe: The Next Wave of Global Settlement

The state of global settlement is unsettling: There is an increasing disconnect between the world that existing clearing and settlement systems were designed to serve, and the actual needs of finance, enterprise, and people today.