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Haohan Xu - Cheddar Live Closing Bell Sep 2021

Apifiny CEO, Haohan Xu, Discusses Crypto Market On Cheddar TV

The People’s Bank of China announced Friday that all crypto-related activity is now illegal in the country, prompting the world’s biggest cryptocurrency firms to cease adding new Chinese users. Haohan Xu, Founder & CEO of Apifiny joins Cheddar News’ Closing Bell to discuss what China’s crackdown means for these platforms and the crypto industry as a whole.

Lowest Crypto Trading Fees

Why Professional Crypto Traders Need Apifiny Today

Who among us would choose to go back to the old way of doing things in the world of stock trading? Instead of trading from home, professionals would be screaming on the floors of exchanges. Instead of brokers being bound to deliver their clients the NBBO (National Best Bid & Offer), [read full article] …

Timothy Murphy - Apifiny Board Director | Former FBI Deputy Director

Apifiny Appoints Timothy Murphy as Board Member | Timothy Murphy FBI

Apifiny, a leading global digital asset trading network, today announced Timothy Murphy has joined Apifiny’s board of directors and will serve as chairman of the compensation committee and member of the audit committee to help the company with its planned public offering in 2021.

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