Why Professional Crypto Traders Need Apifiny Today


July 1, 2021
Connect, Market

Who among us would choose to go back to the old way of doing things in the world of stock trading?

Instead of trading online, you would call a broker to place trades. Instead of brokers being bound to deliver their clients the NBBO (National Best Bid & Offer), they would go back to doing what’s most profitable at the expense of clients. Trading fees would be much higher. Remember the days before E-Trade?

Who would go back to that? The crypto trading platform world is still a bit behind on several fronts, driven primarily by market fragmentation and lack of regulation, with trading and liquidity spread across hundreds of disconnected brokers and exchanges.  The concept of NBBO doesn’t exist, and Bitcoin is traded on hundreds of exchanges. How does a broker ensure they’re offering the best price? They can’t. Trading fees in crypto remain higher than in traditional stocks. And, instead of connecting to one exchange for each ticker, traders have to connect to many. 

Professionals need an institutional crypto trading platform

One more consideration: If your broker (or crypto exchanges) raised your fees, would you consider switching? Imagine if every exchange that you trade on raised trading fees by 25%. Now let’s turn those questions around:

  1. Would you prefer to pay 20% less for all trades?
  2. Would you prefer to get the best global price across exchanges? Or only the best local price?
  3. Would you prefer to manage a single set of APIs for 20+ exchanges, or to manage 5 APIs for 5 exchanges?
  4. Would you prefer to manage a single normalized market data feed with 20+ exchanges? Or would you prefer to take in 5 market data feeds and normalize them yourself?
  5. Would you prefer to set up colocation with leading exchanges? Or have someone do it for you. For free.

Apifiny is an exchange of global digital asset exchanges that deliver on these preferences, generating savings and improving performance at every step. With Apifiny:

  1. You receive 20% trading fee discounts on all trades. 
  2. You gain access with a single set of APIs instead of one for each exchange
  3. You get the performance of Apifiny, colocated with a growing list of leading exchanges

Let’s look at the costs: 

  • $0 – Setup fees
  • $0 – API management fees
  • $0 – Customer support
  • $0 – Normalized Market Data Feed
  • $0 – Colocation

      PLUS 20% fee discount on all trades.

      AND even lower introductory pricing for the first 30 days.

Which would you choose?


Without Apifiny

API Management APIs: ONE set of APIs for 20+ exchanges MANY APIs (1 for each exchange)
Pricing 20% discount off VIP Pricing +25% vs Apifiny* 
Colocation & Performance Colocated with leading exchanges “Out-of-the-box” with no surcharge Colocation expensive and time- consuming
Data Management Manage a single, normalized data feed Manage multiple market data feeds
Onboarding One onboarding Multiple onboardings

Apifiny provides 20% trading fee discounts off each exchange’s VIP trading rates. Therefore, VIP trading rates are theoretically 25% higher than Apifiny’s post-discount fees.

Why pay 25% more to get less? 

If you’re a trader seeking an edge in execution price, fees, performance, and operational management, we should talk. 

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