The Prime Brokers are Coming to Crypto, and Crypto’s Going to Need Them.

TechBullion published an article by Apifiny’s CTO, exploring the evolving need for prime broker-style services in crypto, and why we’re building Apifiny™ Connect and Global Best Bid and Offer (GBBO™) to meet that need. 

He introduces his article by saying, “It’s prime time for the prime broker mindset to arrive in crypto. In fact, the future of the industry may depend on it. 

“Signs are emerging that the essential services of prime brokerages, long a hallmark of the traditional finance world, are the missing link to fully bring large institutional traders into the cryptocurrency markets. With their entry into this new space, prime broker-style services are poised to impact the way high-level trading takes place. Why is this happening now?”

He goes on to explore: 

  • The traditional role of the prime broker in finance, and the two main ways they help their clients to increase profitability
  • The prime brokerage services that are commonly found to support traditional institutional investing, but have been largely lacking in crypto up until now
  • How Apifiny is bringing the prime broker mindset to institutional investors in crypto, through innovative solutions such as Apifiny Connect and Global Best Bid and Offer 
  • Why continued development of prime broker style services is so important for the growth of crypto

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