‘Prime Brokerage’ for Crypto: Apifiny Launches Institutional Platform to Connect Exchange Liquidity

Cointelegraph covered the launch of Apifiny Connect™ (referred to as GlobalX in the article), noting that Apifiny is “set to connect global crypto markets to provide a unified global liquidity pool and new strategies for institutional investors.”

Andrey Shevchenko got the scoop on Apifiny Connect’s unique capabilities, and some big additions to our executive team, reporting: 

“Institutions will now be able to trade on every single crypto market simultaneously thanks to GlobalX, an API platform launched on March 31 by San Francisco-based firm Apifiny. The startup hired former executives of Google X, Kraken and AlphaPoint to promote the service.

Specifically, Josh Li will act as Apifiny’s chief business officer, having previous experience in Google and Google X, Alphabet’s innovation arm. Michael Fertman will lead the B2B marketing efforts as VP Marketing of Apifiny, coming from the security tokens startup AlphaPoint.”

Cointelegraph interviewed Josh, Michael, and Apifiny CTO Ashu Swami for the article. Additional highlights include:

  • Apifiny Connect’s ability to integrate exchanges worldwide, creating a unified platform optimized for institutional cryptocurrency traders.    
  • How Apifiny Connect can “increase the bandwidth” for institutional crypto traders. 
  • Apifiny Connect’s rare ability to provide institutional traders with access to all local fiat-to-crypto markets, for increased crypto trading opportunities spanning traditional FX markets. 
  • How Apifiny Connect is bringing a prime broker-style role to the crypto sector.      
  • The key role that connecting global liquidity plays in bringing large institutional investors into crypto.

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