How Digital Asset Exchanges Can Meet Institutional Investors’ Need For Speed

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What will it take for more Institutional Traders to leap into digital assets? SPEED! Apifiny CEO Haohan Xu shared how digital asset exchanges can win over Institutional Traders in an article for CoinTelegraph.

In the column, “How Digital Asset Exchanges Can Meet Institutional Investors’ Need for Speed”, Haohan takes an in-depth look at how blockchain-based solutions designed to create a global instant settlement network are now attracting institutional traders. He opens by noting, “With low barriers for entering, competition for digital asset exchanges is intense, with hundreds of exchanges now operating worldwide. This competition reduces margins for all of them and also lowers deposit and withdrawal thresholds. Add in a confusing patchwork of global regulations, and profitability challenges for digital asset exchanges loom large.”

From there, Haohan covers: 

  • The wide-ranging impact on digital asset trading brought on by the market fragmentation of so many crypto exchanges operating globally. These consequences include both pitfalls and opportunities. 
  • A next wave of crypto institutional traders coming on—bringing with them a potential 200% trading volume increase. 
  • The need for a single unified solution to help crypto exchanges significantly improve their performance in areas important to institutional traders. 
  • How an instant global settlement solution, based on the latest blockchain technology, would resolve slow withdrawals, deposits and transfers. Such a network, like Roxe, could provide truly instant global clearing and settlement of most asset classes for digital asset trading platforms, banks and traditional trading institutions. Real-time clearing and settlement for digital assets and payments that are secure, reliable, and convenient would result. 
  • Why the deployment of an instant global settlement network like Roxe creates a win-win for digital asset exchanges and traders alike.  

Learn more about how emerging technologies will enable digital asset exchanges to attract a new wave of institutional traders.

Read Haohan’s full CoinTelegraph article

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