Trade smarter with real transaction data

Apifiny™ Market Data delivers institutional-grade real-time and historical crypto data from leading global exchanges via easy to use APIs.

Information is Power

Gain global connectivity with Apifiny™ Market Data. The normalized feed includes order book, best bid offer, trade, and ticker data.

  •  Ticker: OHLCV
  •  OrderBook: Depth of book
  •  BBO: Best bid / Best Offer
  •  Rolling 24 Hr Volume
  •  VWAP Coming Soon
  •  TWAP Coming Soon
  •  Trade / Quote bars Coming Soon
  •  K-line Coming Soon

Put Apifiny Market Data™ to work

You’re fully informed with comprehensive normalized market data arriving in real time. Historical data is compiled through the actual orders routed through the Apifiny™ Market Data network of 20+ leading global exchanges. Highly customizable, it contains unique market information plus previously undiscovered data such as verified trades. Leverage Apifiny™ Market Data to test advanced trading signals and strategies for competitive pricing, increased fill rates, lower operational costs and superior trade performance.

Market Data

Streaming real-time data from leading global exchanges.

  • Real time order book
  • Ticker
  • Rolling 24hr volume


Access unique crypto market data – normalized, real time and worldwide – via one easy-to-use API. Connect via Rest/Websocket now, with FIX/Binary coming soon.

  • REST & WebSocket
  • FIX/Binary Coming Soon

CSV for historical data is also available.

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