Apifiny™ Connect

Trade globally on over 25 leading global trading platforms, with 20% lower fees.

One API. One account. One onboarding. One market data feed.

Global Execution Brokers


One Account.
Global Execution.

Apifiny™ Connect enables professional digital asset traders to execute global strategies on over 25 connected exchanges, with one account, one API, and one onboarding. 

Professional traders can easily transfer digital assets between sub-accounts, reducing the need to maintain reserves on a multitude of platforms.

Why set up accounts in different countries when it’s better, cheaper, and faster to have just 1 account with:

Crypto Market Data API for Institutions

Access to 25+ Trading Markets Globally

crypto trading api for institutional traders

One set of APIs

Trade Crypto API with 20% Trading Fee Discount

Low Fees

Global Market Data Feed

Trade Crypto API — One account and onboarding

One Onboarding Process

Instant cross-exchange crypto transfers

Easy Transfers

One Account.
Over 25 Trading Markets.

Trade on any connected trading platform via just one account. Save operational headaches, eliminating the need to onboard with multiple trading platforms:

  • Streamline operations with one onboarding instead of many
  • Save on legal expense, with fewer onboarding processes
  • Directly access over 25 order books to execute global trading strategies.
Hybrid Crypto Exchange - Institutional Compliance
Hybrid Crypto Exchange - Zero Taker Fees

One Crypto Trading API.
Global Execution.

With one API, access Apifiny’s institutional grade connectivity with over 25 leading trading markets covering five continents. 

There’s no need to build order entry layers for each exchange. A single set of APIs let traders interact with 25+ exchanges.

You reduce cost and complexity, your traders focus on trading, and we take care of the rest.

Gain institutional grade speed and connectivity with our next generation FIX API, which  achieves up to 500 TPS, 10x the industry standard. In combination with our collocation and institution-grade matching engine, capable of handling 30,000 orders per symbol, order execution is a certainty.

Reduce fees by leveraging Apifiny’s global reach and trading volume. See fee structure.​

Crypto Quant Trading Platform
Global Execution Brokers for Crypto Quants

Colocation Included

Apifiny provides free colo with a growing list of leading exchanges, delivering institutional grade performance.

  • Ping time < 1 ms
  • Order-handling latency < 2.5ms
  • 1 million TPS
  • No additional fees for colocated exchanges

Easy, Frictionless Transfers

Execute global strategies efficiently, moving digital assets easily between sub-accounts via one interface. 

All with one account. One onboarding. One deposit. One set of APIs.

Take advantage of Apifiny’s global scale to execute global strategies, without managing multiple trading and bank accounts.

Quant Trader Global Execution Platform
Normalized Crypto Market Data Feed

Global Market Data Feed

Normalized global crypto market data from 25+ exchanges.

Real-time feed Includes order book, best bid & offer, trade, and ticker data.

Apifiny™ Connect API

Apifiny™ Connect ’s institutional-grade REST/Websocket API gives Traders, OTC desks, Brokers, and Market Makers faster access* to trade and easier reallocation of assets among a multitude of global exchanges using one set of APIs. FIX API support is coming soon.

Connected Exchanges

Binance US Trade Crypto API | Binance colocation API
coinbase crypto trading api | coinbase colocation api
Kucoin crypto trading API | Kucoin colocation api
Huobi Trade Crypto API | Huobi Colocation API
okex crypto trading api | okex colocation api
bitbay crypto trading api
bithumb crypto trading api
Ascend API for Trading Crypto
Crypto Trading API for bitstamp
bittrex api for institutional crypto traders
blockchain api for institutional crypto trading
itbit API for institutional crypto traders
coinone api for crypto trading institutions
crypto.com api for institutional crypto traders
exmo Trading Platform API
Colocation API for Gemini | Crypto Trading API
gate.io Crypto Trading API for Quant Traders
FTX Trade Crypto API | FTX Colocation API
Crypto Trading API for Institional Traders
Korbit API for Trading Crypto
liquid api for institutional crypto trading
Upbit Crypto Trading API | trading platforms with API
Institutional Trading Crypto API for Kraken
Indodax Trade Crypto API | Crypto API Trading Platform

Clients who use Apifiny™ Connect

Crypto Trading API for Institutions and Funds


Crypto Trading API for Professional Traders

OTC Desks

Trade Crypto API for OTC Desks and Brokders


crypto api trading for market makers

Market Makers

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