Apifiny™ Connect
Global Execution Services

Apifiny™ Connect is an execution platform that unlocks access* to global exchanges via a single account which enables trading multiple asset pairs, lower fees, and instant reallocation between sub-accounts.

*Subject to regulatory requirements.

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The Power of Apifiny™ Connect

Professional traders can easily execute their strategies across all* crypto-to-crypto and other crypto-fiat pairs offered via Apifiny™ Connect. With one account and KYC process, traders can reallocate assets among exchanges and start trading.

Global Trading

Select a custom subset of leading exchanges to implement your trading strategy.

Robust APIs

Focus on your trading strategy while Apifiny Connect™ manages the infrastructure and connectivity that enables efficient execution.​

One-time Onboarding

Streamline onboarding, eliminating the need to onboard with multiple exchanges.

Lower Fees

Reduce fees by leveraging Apifiny’s global reach and trading volume. See fee structure.​

Instant Re-allocation

Re-allocate assets instantly among sub-accounts.​

One Account. Global Access.

Open one account, complete one KYC process, and trade globally with Apifiny Connect™.​

Featured Webinar

Digital asset exchanges are highly fragmented, with trading spread across thousands of local exchanges, and disparate pricing across exchanges and geographies.

This presents both opportunities and challenges – arbitrage opportunities that cannot be executed upon due to lack of global access.

Find out how savvy institutional traders are overcoming these obstacles.

Apifiny™ Connect API

Apifiny™ Connect ’s institutional-grade REST/Websocket API gives Traders, OTC desks, Brokers, and Market Makers faster access* to trade and easier reallocation of assets among a multitude of global exchanges using one set of APIs. FIX API support is coming soon.

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*Subject to regulatory requirements