Apifiny Announces Public Launch of Apifiny Connect, A Global Digital Asset Trading Platform Designed for Professional Traders


May 27, 2021
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New Platform Enables Professional Traders to Execute Global Strategies Across Over 20 Connected Digital Asset Exchanges from One Account, One API, and One Onboarding 

NEW YORK, NY — May 27, 2021 – Apifiny, a global digital asset trading and mining network, today announced the official debut of Apifiny Connect, a global digital asset trading execution platform that empowers professional traders to execute global strategies on over 20 connected exchanges with one account, one API, and one onboarding. Professional traders can trade dozens of asset pairs at lower fees and seamlessly transfer digital assets between sub-accounts, reducing the need to maintain reserves on multiple platforms. 

Apifiny Connect, for the first time, unifies highly fragmented digital asset trading markets into a single, global market. Until now, professional traders could only trade in local markets and, therefore, did not have access to the best prices and deep, global liquidity. Prior to Apifiny Connect, traders also had to connect with multiple exchanges using different APIs, whose reliability varies widely and requires high development and maintenance costs. 

“Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be more global than Apple stock or even USD, but they’re traded in a very localized way with regional exchanges dominating their respective markets,” said Haohan Xu, chief executive officer of Apifiny. “This creates many isolated crypto liquidity pools and significant differences in digital asset prices, which has slowed institutions and professional traders from capitalizing on a huge, global trading market opportunity. Through Apifiny Connect, we are solving this problem and creating one, unified global digital asset market for professional traders.” 

Apifiny Connect Advantages

Apifiny Connect’s institutional-grade REST/Websocket API gives professional traders, OTC desks, brokers, and market makers faster access to trade and easier reallocation of assets across a wide array of global exchanges using one set of APIs. Apifiny Connect delivers several advantages for professional traders looking to maximize trade efficiency and profits:   

  • One Account. Global Execution. Open a single account for direct access to over 20 order books to execute global trading strategies, unprecedented global liquidity, and superior price discovery. One onboarding and one deposit. No need for multiple onboarding and KYC processes with multiple exchanges.
  • Transparent, Lower Fees. No hidden trading and deposit fees. All fees are exactly as they appear in the order book. Apifiny’s global reach and trading volume enables lower fees. 
  • Collocation. Collocation with connected exchanges reduces latency. Apifiny implements globally distributed servers, which are close to the top exchanges in various time zones to allow for the fastest response time to aggregate global liquidity.
  • Simple, Robust APIs. Trade on multiple exchanges with a single API. Transfer and rebalance with a single API. Save regulatory compliance time and costs with a single API. Execute cross-exchange transfers with a single API. 
  • Seamless Transfers. Execute global strategies at lightning speed and transfer digital assets seamlessly between sub-accounts via one portal. Buy on one platform in Europe, transfer crypto to a platform in the US, and sell. Reduced need to maintain reserves on multiple platforms.
  • One Market Data Feed. Get a single, normalized market data feed.  No need for multiple market data feeds with multiple exchanges. 

Apifiny is growing rapidly with a nearly 7x increase in monthly trading volume from November ‘20 through April ‘21, reaching nearly $1.4B, for its ExOne Plus market making solution. The company’s customer roster now includes the top 5 US digital exchanges and 23 of the top 100 global digital exchanges by trading volume, across 12 countries and 5 continents. 

Apifiny connects professional digital asset traders with over 20 exchange partners to execute global trading strategies at the best global prices. Connected partners include 10 new exchanges over the past 3 months, such as, Huobi Global, OKEx, Kucoin, AscendEX, HBTC and’s Exchange among others. 

About Apifiny 

Apifiny is a leading global digital asset trading and mining network. Apifiny unifies fragmented global trading marketplaces to provide professional traders and digital asset exchanges with simpler, faster, and more cost-effective, global trading and liquidity solutions. The company connects centralized financial institutions with decentralized networks to reimagine the global liquidity and trading value chains. Apifiny’s trading network enables professional traders to execute global, multi-exchange strategies, access deep global liquidity, superior price discovery, normalized market data, tighter spreads, and higher fill rates and capital utilization. For more information, visit


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