Apifiny’s mission

Converging global crypto markets into one.

Today’s disconnected crypto trading systems lack enough liquidity, do not offer the best asset prices, and are too complicated, slow, and expensive for institutions trading at scale. A simple, cost-effective approach is needed – one that can be customized to meet the specific needs of institutional traders and crypto exchanges. Apifiny is a multi-exchange crypto trading infrastructure intermediary. We unlock and accelerate financial value by unifying centralized and decentralized trading systems across the globe.

what we do

Removing the barriers of crypto trading.

At Apifiny, we are committed to removing the barriers of entry to crypto trading for institutional traders, one barrier at a time.

We do so by delivering institutional-grade performance infrastructure and seamless connection with global crypto exchanges.


High fragmentation

Today's crypto trading markets are highly fragmented with no single, global market. Institutional traders do not have access to the best prices and global liquidity.


Too complex, too expensive

Traders must connect with multiple exchanges using different APIs to execute global strategies, resulting in operational inefficiencies, high development and maintenance costs.


Too slow

Trading speed is too slow for institutional traders which can result in larger price slippage.


High security risk

High withdrawal and transfer fees constraints traders to store their funds on centralized exchanges, taking on a higher security risk with no full custody control.

Our Staff

Meet the team.

Haohan Xu

Founder & CEO

CEO of Apifiny since its inception. Columbia University graduate with a major in Computer Science.


Jeremy Xue

Chief Technology Officer

Former Head of Engineering at SG Cap Trading, co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer of Bitchain Exchange, and former technical lead and architect at New York Stock Exchange.

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