About Apifiny®

One world. One market.

Apifiny delivers truly global trading via a single interface, along with the best available pricing globally across connected exchanges.

What we do

Our Digital Asset Trading Network of connected exchanges provides:

We transform market friction into opportunity

Market fragmentation creates liquidity and pricing challenges that Apifiny transforms into opportunities for institutional traders and digital asset exchanges.

Price discovery challenges and wide price disparities across digital asset markets

Accounts required with multiple exchanges to execute global strategies

Low liquidity and high slippage

Apifiny Solutions

Apifiny® Connect

Trade on 20+ leading exchanges with a single set of APIs.

Apifiny® HEX

Centralized and decentralized trading. Reimagined.


Haohan Xu

Founder & CEO

Erez Simha

President & CFO

Howard Steinberg

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

Jeremy Xue

Chief Technology Officer

Diana Pires

Chief Revenue Officer

Maggie Ng

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Qin

VP of Technology & ExOne Plus General Manager

Michael Fertman

VP of Marketing

Board of directors

Tim Murphy

Board Member and Chairman of Compensation Committee

Laurence Charney

Board Member and Chairman of Audit Committee

Samuel Shen

Board Member

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