Trade Globally On 20+ Exchanges, with 1 API and 20% lower fees.

Apifiny™ Connect

One set of APIs  •  One onboarding  •  One normalized data feed

Plus 20% lower fees and colocation with leading exchanges

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One Account. Global Execution.

Apifiny™ Connect

With Apifiny™ Connect, trade globally on over 20 trading markets while saving 20% on trading fees.

Trade on 6 continents via a single account and onboarding process.

Enjoy easy access and frictionless transfers between sub-accounts via one interface — without opening and maintaining accounts with multiple systems and platforms.

Increase capital utilization and profits with easier transfers and more attractive trading opportunities.

Best Global Prices and Global Liquidity


Global Best Bid & Offer (GBBO™) enables professional traders to easily discover and trade at the best attainable, global prices across leading connected trading markets, with superior global liquidity.

Smart order routing, global price discovery, and matching technology normalize pricing in USD and ensure professional traders get the best price.

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Market Making for Digital Asset Exchanges

ExOne™ Plus

Apifiny’s advanced ExOne™ Plus market making service provides access to truly global liquidity, sourced from the world’s leading digital asset trading markets. Apifiny leverages its proprietary global order book to deliver global liquidity and tighter spreads.

Our Advantages

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Deep Liquidity

Apifiny creates a unified order book across leading exchanges in 5 continents, with normalized pricing, providing access to deep global liquidity, and handling large volume trades at breakneck speed.

Professional traders enjoy better pricing, less slippage, fewer split orders, higher fill rates & capital utilization, and normalized market data.

Lowest Crypto Trading Fees

No Taker Fees

The pricing is what you see is what you get, with no hidden fees.

Crypto Trading API | Bitcoin API

Robust APIs

Institutional traders can access both GBBO™ and Apifiny™ Connect via our very well documented APIs.

How Apifiny HEX works

The automatic arbitrage smart contract provides pricing alignment between GBBO™ and HEX liquidity pools.

HEX liquidity pool providers are rewarded with the arbitrage income.

Traders gain global liquidity, tighter spreads, less slippage, and more.

GBBO™ Advantages

Best Global Prices

Across Leading Exchanges

Negative Taker Fees

3 bps Maker & -1 bp Taker Fee


Decentralized Wallet Trading

Access Deep Liquidity

Across Leading Exchanges

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