Unprecedented Global Liquidity,
Price Discovery, and Settlement Speed

Apifiny empowers Trading Institutions, Digital Asset Exchanges, and Banks to unlock new revenue opportunities hidden in fragmented global trading markets and payment gateways.

One World. One Market.

Facilitate faster and more efficient global trades and asset transfers by removing the barriers of time, location, and currency.

Digital Asset Exchanges


Institutional traders…


  • Global liquidity access
  • Global price discovery
  • Higher fill rates

Institutional Traders


Superior global execution …


  • Faster deposits & transfers
  • Tight spreads, high fill rates
  • One onboarding process 
Global Settl



Tier 1 deposits & sales …


Offering instant international remittance settlement services to clients

Transform Market Fragmentation Into Market Opportunity

Fragmented digital asset and fiat currency markets create market friction.

Unlock opportunities with our global liquidity and instant settlement networks. 

Challenges for Digital Asset Trading

Liquidity is spread thin across exchanges globally

Price Discovery across disjointed global exchanges

Multiple Accounts Needed for global execution

Multiple Onboarding Processes for global execution

High Reserve Requirements and low utilization

Cross-Exchange Transfers too slow

Post-Trade Settlement too slow, tying up reserves

Apifiny Benefits

Global Liquidity Network access*

Normalized Market Data feeds from global exchanges

One Account, Global Access for institutional traders

One Onboarding Process for institutional traders

Higher Capital Utilization and lower reserves needed 

Convenient Cross-Exchange Transfers via single API

Instant Settlement Network for fast global settlement

Our Solutions Eliminate Barriers to Global Value Transfer For:

Digital Asset Exchanges


Access* deep, global liquidity via API to easily fill large orders. Plus, no transaction fees and spectacular speed.

ExOne Plus

Gain customizable, deep, and organic liquidity with advanced market making, powered by ExOne™.

Roxe™ Global Instant Settlement Network

Our Network members, comprised of institutions like yours, facilitates instant transfers and settlement 


Deep global liquidity

Increased commissions from higher fill rates

Global price discovery enables more attractive pricing

Superior price execution, less slippage & higher fill rates

Faster Cross-exchange transfers, deposits, withdrawals

*Subject to regulatory requirements

Institutional Traders

Apifiny Connect

API access* to multiple exchanges and instant reallocation, all via one account and onboarding process.

GBBO™ (Global Best Bid and Offer API)

Connects disjointed, local exchanges into global liquidity pools to discover best attainable* prices on digital assets

Apifiny™ Market Data

institutional-grade real-time and historical crypto data from leading global exchanges via easy to use APIs.


Global execution via a single account & robust APIs

Superior price execution, less slippage & higher fill rates

Faster Cross-exchange transfers, deposits, withdrawals

Lower Fees and Settlement costs

*Subject to regulatory requirements



Roxe Global Instant Settlement Network is designed to provide instant settlement via a network of Digital Asset Exchanges, Banks, and Trading Institutions.


Increase Tier 1 deposits from client exchanges

Offer faster remittances to attract more customers and increase Tier 1 deposits

Why Apifiny?

Global Access. Cutting Edge Technology. Expansive Network.

Global Solutions

All solutions have a global footprint.
Global liquidity is sourced across 4 continents. Institutional traders can execute globally via a single account.

Superior Technology

We leverage the latest fintech innovations – e.g., blockchain, high-speed trading, and smart order routing (SOR). 10-100ms market data feed speed.

Expansive Networks

Our diverse network of exchanges, traders, and banks provides an instant global footprint for member exchanges and institutional traders.

How Clients Benefit from Apifiny’s Network

Liquidity Solutions for Digital Asset Exchanges

Trading Solutions for Institutional Traders

Global Settl

Global Instant Settlement for Exchanges, Banks and Central Banks

On-demand Webinar

What does the future hold for international remittance? Find out with innovators from Ripple, Stellar, and Apifiny.