Hybrid Exchange (HEX) – The Best of Both Worlds

Centralized and Decentralized Crypto Trading. Reimagined.

Apifiny Hybrid Exchange - HEX Trading

HEX Overview

HEX reimagines digital asset trading, combining the advantages of centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Zero Taker Fees. No Maker Fees for VIP Early Access Participants.

Global Price Discovery and Liquidity from 25+ centralized exchanges

Automated Market Making Liquidity (AMM)

Secure, Transparent, and Compliant

Zero Taker Fees

HEX is designed for efficiency. We pass savings along, with zero taker fees.

Also, during the VIP Early Access Program, traders pay zero maker fees.

Eligible Early Access participants can  also qualify for zero maker and taker fees for life. See VIP program details.

Lowest Crypto Trading Fees
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True Global Price Discovery

HEX is designed to leverage the advantages of DEX and CEX trading. It starts with Apifiny’s Digital Asset Trading Network, including one unified order book for over 25 leading exchanges that together capture more than half of global spot trading volume.

Deep, Predictable Liquidity

HEX is designed to execute large block orders with ease, combining deep, reliable, and predictable Automated Marketing Making (AMM) liquidity with liquidity from 25+ centralized exchanges across 6 continents — all in one unified order book.

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Apifiny Hybrid Exchange - HEX Compliance

Institutional Security and Compliance

HEX is designed to leverage the advantages of DEX security and transparency with CEX compliance protocols. Users will be able to trade from their decentralized wallets (e.g., Metamask) for additional security, with the knowledge that all counterparties have passed Apifiny’s rigorous compliance protocols.

One World

Network includes exchanges in 6 continents.

One Market

Trading across 25+ exchanges and decentralized AMM.

One Book

One unified order book.

How Apifiny HEX works

The automatic arbitrage smart contract provides pricing alignment between GBBO™ and HEX liquidity pools.

HEX liquidity pool providers are rewarded with the arbitrage income.

Traders gain global liquidity, tighter spreads, less slippage, and more.

GBBO™ Advantages

Best Global Prices

Across Leading Exchanges

Negative Taker Fees

3 bps Maker & -1 bp Taker Fee


Decentralized Wallet Trading

Access Deep Liquidity

Across Leading Exchanges

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